I am a Midwest-raised girl, from a small town (pop. 2,000) in Nebraska. I began my first bits of photography during my time spent abroad on the island of St. Kitts seven years ago. Slowly but surely my hobby has become a genuine passion.

My husband and I spent a brief, but wonderful couple of years in Oregon. My true love of landscape photography developed as we explored the Pacific Northwest in our spare time. We were married right next to the Pacific Ocean off the Oregon coast and I couldn't have envisioned a more perfect place to mark such an occasion.

We recently moved to Pittsburgh, PA to be closer to his family, so I will begin another stylistic shift as I learn about this area. I am excited to also begin tackling human photography. In order to tell well rounded stories, I think I need to know how to capture all types of subject matter.

The name of my business comes from the translated meaning of my Korean name, Bongah, according to my adoption records. As I begin to publish old and new pieces of my adoption journey, you will have the chance to see how my art and life experiences all intersect. Where I have come from is one of the best parts about where I am going.

If you would like to email me, please feel free: